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» Survivor

  • Reżyser:
    Charlie Parsons
  • Notowania IMDB :
  • Obsada:
    Jeff Probst
  Nazwa serialu Odcinek Premiera Szukaj
Sezon 01
Survivor SurvivorThe Marooning 01 2000-05-31Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Generation Gap 02 2000-06-07Środa
Survivor SurvivorQuest for Food 03 2000-06-14Środa
Survivor SurvivorToo Little Too Late? 04 2000-06-21Środa
Survivor SurvivorPulling Your Own Weight 05 2000-06-28Środa
Survivor SurvivorUdder Revenge 06 2000-07-05Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Merger 07 2000-07-12Środa
Survivor SurvivorThy Name is Duplicity 08 2000-07-19Środa
Survivor SurvivorOld and New Bonds 09 2000-07-26Środa
Survivor SurvivorCrack in the Alliance 10 2000-08-08Wtorek
Survivor SurvivorLong Hard Days 11 2000-08-09Środa
Survivor SurvivorDeath of an Alliance 12 2000-08-16Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Final Four 13 2000-08-23Środa
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Borneo Reunion 14 2000-08-23Środa
Sezon 02
Survivor SurvivorStranded 01 2001-01-28Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSuspicion 02 2001-02-01Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorTrust No One 03 2001-02-08Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Killing Fields 04 2001-02-15Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Gloves Come Off 05 2001-02-22Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorTrial by Fire 06 2001-03-01Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Merge 07 2001-03-08Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorFriends? 08 2001-03-14Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe First 24 Days: A Closer Look 09 2001-03-21Środa
Survivor SurvivorHoneymoon or Not? 10 2001-03-29Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorLet's Make a Deal 11 2001-04-05Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorNo Longer Just a Game 12 2001-04-12Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorEnough is Enough 13 2001-04-19Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Final Four 14 2001-04-26Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Most Deserving 15 2001-05-03Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: The Australian Outback Reunion 16 2001-05-03Czwartek
Sezon 03
Survivor SurvivorQuestion of Trust 01 2001-10-11Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorWho's Zooming Whom? 02 2001-10-18Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Gods Are Angry 03 2001-10-25Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Young and Untrusted 04 2001-11-01Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Twist 05 2001-11-08Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorI'd Never Do It to You 06 2001-11-15Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorWill There Be a Feast Tonight? 07 2001-11-22Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe First 21 Days (a.k.a. Look Closer) 08 2001-11-29Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorSmoking Out the Snake 09 2001-12-06Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorDinner, Movie and a Betrayal 10 2001-12-13Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorWe Are Family 11 2001-12-20Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Big Adventure 12 2001-12-27Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorTruth Be Told 13 2002-01-03Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Final Four: No Regrets 14 2002-01-10Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Africa Reunion 15 2002-01-10Czwartek
Sezon 04
Survivor SurvivorBack to the Beach 01 2002-02-28Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorNacho Momma 02 2002-03-07Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorNo Pain, No Gain 03 2002-03-13Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Winds Twist 04 2002-03-20Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe End of Innocence 05 2002-03-28Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Underdogs 06 2002-04-04Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorTrue Lies 07 2002-04-11Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorJury's Out 08 2002-04-18Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorLook Closer: The First 24 Days 09 2002-04-24Środa
Survivor SurvivorTwo Peas in a Pod 10 2002-04-25Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Princess 11 2002-05-02Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorMarquesan Vacation 12 2002-05-09Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorA Tale of Two Cities 13 2002-05-16Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Sole Survivor 14 2002-05-19Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Marquesas Reunion 15 2002-05-19Niedziela
Sezon 05
Survivor SurvivorThe Importance of Being Eldest 01 2002-09-19Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Great Divide 02 2002-09-26Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorFamily Values 03 2002-10-03Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorGender Bender 04 2002-10-10Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Ocean's Surprise 05 2002-10-17Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Power of One 06 2002-10-24Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorAssumptions 07 2002-10-31Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorSleeping with the Enemy 08 2002-11-07Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorDesperate Measures 09 2002-11-14Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorWhile the Cats Are Away 10 2002-11-21Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorA Closer Look 11 2002-11-27Środa
Survivor SurvivorA Big Surprise...and Another 12 2002-12-05Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Tides Are Turning 13 2002-12-12Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorSlip Through Your Fingers 14 2002-12-19Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Thailand - The Reunion 15 2002-12-19Czwartek
Sezon 06
Survivor SurvivorBoys vs. Girls 01 2003-02-13Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorStorms 02 2003-02-20Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorGirl Power 03 2003-02-27Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorTrapped 04 2003-03-06Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorPick-up Sticks 05 2003-03-13Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorMore than Meats the Eye 06 2003-03-19Środa
Survivor SurvivorGirls Gone Wilder 07 2003-03-26Środa
Survivor SurvivorSleeping with the Enemy 08 2003-04-03Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Chain 09 2003-04-10Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorAmazon Redux 10 2003-04-17Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorQ and A 11 2003-04-24Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorSour Grapes 12 2003-05-01Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Amazon Heats Up 13 2003-05-08Czwartek
Survivor Survivor...And Then There Were Four 14 2003-05-11Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: The Amazon Reunion 15 2003-05-11Niedziela
Sezon 07
Survivor SurvivorBeg, Barter, Steal 01 2003-09-18Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorTo Quit or Not to Quit 02 2003-09-25Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorUnited We Stand, Divided We... ? 03 2003-10-02Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorPick a Castaway ... Any Castaway 04 2003-10-09Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorEveryone's Hero 05 2003-10-16Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorMe and My Snake 06 2003-10-23Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorWhat the...? (1) - 100th Episode 07 2003-10-30Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorWhat the...? (2) 08 2003-11-06Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorShocking! Simply Shocking! 09 2003-11-13Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorSwimming with Sharks 10 2003-11-20Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Great Lie 11 2003-11-26Środa
Survivor SurvivorWould You Be My Brutus Today? 12 2003-12-04Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorMutiny 13 2003-12-11Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorFlames and Endurance 14 2003-12-14Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Pearl Islands Reunion 15 2003-12-14Niedziela
Sezon 08
Survivor SurvivorThey're Back! 01 2004-02-01Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorPanicked, Desperate, Thirsty as Hell 02 2004-02-05Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorShark Attack 03 2004-02-12Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorWipe Out! 04 2004-02-19Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorI've Been Bamboozled! 05 2004-02-26Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorOutraged 06 2004-03-04Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorSorry...I Blew It 07 2004-03-11Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorPick a Tribemate 08 2004-03-17Środa
Survivor SurvivorA Closer Look (a.k.a. All-Star Redux) 09 2004-03-24Środa
Survivor SurvivorMad Scramble and Broken Hearts 10 2004-04-01Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorAnger, Tears and Chaos 11 2004-04-08Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorA Thoughtful Gesture or a Deceptive Plan? 12 2004-04-15Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorStupid People. Stupid, Stupid People 13 2004-04-22Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorA Chapera Surprise 14 2004-04-29Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Instigator 15 2004-05-06Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe All-Stars Finale 16 2004-05-09Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: All-Stars Reunion 17 2004-05-09Niedziela
Sezon 09
Survivor SurvivorThey Came at Us with Spears 01 2004-09-16Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorBurly Girls, Bowheads, Young Studs and the Old Bunch 02 2004-09-23Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorDouble Tribal, Double Trouble 03 2004-09-30Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorNow That's a Reward 04 2004-10-07Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorEarthquakes and Shake Ups! 05 2004-10-14Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorHog Tied 06 2004-10-21Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorAnger, Threats, Tears And Coffee 07 2004-10-28Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorNow the Battle Really Begins 08 2004-11-04Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorGender Wars... and It's Getting Ugly! 09 2004-11-11Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorCulture Shock and Violent Storms 10 2004-11-18Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorSurprise and...Surprise Again! 11 2004-11-25Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorNow Who's in Charge Here?! 12 2004-12-02Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorEruptions of Volcanic Magnitude! 13 2004-12-09Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorSpirits and the Final Four 14 2004-12-12Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Vanuatu Reunion 15 2004-12-12Niedziela
Sezon 10
Survivor SurvivorThis Has Never Happened Before! 01 2005-02-17Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorLove Is in the Air, Rats Are Everywhere 02 2005-02-24Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorDangerous Creatures and Horrible Setbacks 03 2005-03-03Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorSumo at Sea 04 2005-03-10Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Best and Worst Reward Ever 05 2005-03-16Środa
Survivor SurvivorJellyfish 'n Chips 06 2005-03-23Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Great White Shark Hunter 07 2005-03-31Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorNeanderthal Man 08 2005-04-07Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorI Will Not Give Up 09 2005-04-14Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorExile Island 10 2005-04-21Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorI'll Show You How Threatening I Am 11 2005-04-28Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorWe'll Make You Pay 12 2005-05-05Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorIt Could All Backfire 13 2005-05-12Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Ultimate Shock 14 2005-05-15Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Palau Reunion 15 2005-05-15Niedziela
Sezon 11
Survivor SurvivorBig Trek, Big Trouble, Big Surprise 01 2005-09-15Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorMan Down 02 2005-09-22Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Brave May Not Live Long, but the Cautious Don't Live at All 03 2005-09-29Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorTo Betray or Not to Betray 04 2005-10-06Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorCrocs, Cowboys and City Slickers 05 2005-10-13Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorBig Ball, Big Mouth, Big Trouble 06 2005-10-20Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorSurprise Enemy Visit 07 2005-10-27Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Hidden Immunity Idol 08 2005-11-03Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorSecrets and Lies and an Idol Surprise 09 2005-11-10Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorEating and Sleeping with the Enemy 10 2005-11-17Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorEverything is Personal 11 2005-11-24Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorA Price for Immunity 12 2005-12-01Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorBig Win, Big Decision? Big Mistake? 13 2005-12-08Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThunder Storms & Sacrifice 14 2005-12-11Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Guatemala Reunion 15 2005-12-11Niedziela
Sezon 12
Survivor SurvivorThe First Exile 01 2006-02-02Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorBreakdown 02 2006-02-09Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorCrazy Fights, Snake Dinners 03 2006-02-16Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorStarvation and Lunacy 04 2006-02-23Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorFor Cod's Sake 05 2006-03-02Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorSalvation and Desertion 06 2006-03-09Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorA Closer Look 07 2006-03-15Środa
Survivor SurvivorAn Emerging Plan 08 2006-03-30Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Power of the Idol 09 2006-04-06Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorFight for Your Life or Eat 10 2006-04-13Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorMedical Emergency 11 2006-04-20Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorPerilous Scramble 12 2006-04-27Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorBamboozled 13 2006-05-04Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorCall the Whambulence! 14 2006-05-11Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Final Showdown 15 2006-05-14Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Panama Reunion 16 2006-05-14Niedziela
Sezon 13
Survivor SurvivorI Can Forgive Her, But I Don't Have to Because She Screwed with My Chickens 01 2006-09-14Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorDire Straights and Dead Weight 02 2006-09-21Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorFlirting and Frustration 03 2006-09-28Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorRuling the Roost 04 2006-10-05Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorDon't Cry Over Spilled Octopus 05 2006-10-12Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorPlan Voodoo 06 2006-10-19Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorA Closer Look 07 2006-10-26Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorWhy Aren't You Swimming? 08 2006-11-02Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorMutiny 09 2006-11-09Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorPeople That You Like Want to See You Suffer 10 2006-11-16Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorWhy Would You Trust Me? 11 2006-11-23Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorYou're a Rat 12 2006-11-30Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorArranging a Hit 13 2006-12-07Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorI Have the Advantage for Once 14 2006-12-14Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThis Tribe Will Self-Destruct In 5, 4, 3 15 2006-12-17Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Cook Islands Reunion 16 2006-12-17Niedziela
Sezon 14
Survivor SurvivorSomething Cruel Is About to Happen...Real Soon 01 2007-02-08Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorSnakes Are Misunderstood ... We Have an Understanding Now 02 2007-02-15Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThis Isn't Survival ... It's Thrival 03 2007-02-22Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorLet's Just Call Jeff on the Jeff Phone 04 2007-03-01Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorLove Many, Trust Few, Do Wrong to None 05 2007-03-08Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorI've Got Strength Now to Carry the Flag 06 2007-03-21Środa
Survivor SurvivorAn Evil Thought 07 2007-03-29Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorSo You Think You Can Meke? 08 2007-04-05Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorAre We Gonna Live on Exile Island?! 09 2007-04-12Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorIt's a Turtle?! 10 2007-04-19Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorBlackmail or Betrayal 11 2007-04-26Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorA Smile, Velvet Gloves and a Dagger in My Pocket 12 2007-05-03Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorI Wanna See If I Can Make a Deal 13 2007-05-10Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorYou've Got a Puzzled Look 14 2007-05-13Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Fiji Reunion 15 2007-05-13Niedziela
Sezon 15
Survivor SurvivorA Chicken's a Little Bit Smarter 01 2007-09-20Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorMy Mom Is Going to Kill Me! 02 2007-09-27Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorI Lost Two Hands and Possibly a Shoulder! 03 2007-10-04Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorRide the Workhorse Till the Tail Falls Off 04 2007-10-11Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorLove Is in the Air 05 2007-10-18Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThat's Love, Baby! It Makes You Strong! 06 2007-10-25Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorI'm Not as Dumb as I Look 07 2007-11-01Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorHigh School Friend Contest 08 2007-11-08Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorJust Don't Eat the Apple 09 2007-11-15Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorIt's Been Real and It's Been Fun 10 2007-11-22Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorReady to Bite the Apple 11 2007-11-29Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorGoing for the Oscar 12 2007-12-06Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorHello, I'm Still a Person! 13 2007-12-13Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorA Slippery Little Sucker 14 2007-12-16Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: China Reunion 15 2007-12-16Niedziela
Sezon 16
Survivor SurvivorYou Guys Are Dumber than You Look 01 2008-02-07Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Sounds of Jungle Love 02 2008-02-14Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorI Should Be Carried on the Chariot-Type Thing! 03 2008-02-21Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThat's Baked, Barbecued and Fried! 04 2008-02-28Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorHe's a Ball of Goo! 05 2008-03-06Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorIt Hit Everyone Pretty Hard! 06 2008-03-13Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorLike a Wide-Eyed Kid in the Candy Store 07 2008-03-19Środa
Survivor SurvivorA Lost Puppy Dog 08 2008-04-03Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorI'm in Such a Hot Pickle 09 2008-04-10Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorI Promise... 10 2008-04-17Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorI'm Ruthless...and Have a Smile on My Face 11 2008-04-24Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorI'm Gonna Fix Her! 12 2008-05-01Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorIf it Smells Like a Rat, Give it Cheese 13 2008-05-08Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorStir the Pot 14 2008-05-11Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Micronesia Reunion 15 2008-05-11Niedziela
Sezon 17
Survivor SurvivorWant to See the Elephant Dung? 01 2008-09-25Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorShe Obviously is Post-Op! 02 2008-10-02Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorIt Was Like Christmas Morning! 03 2008-10-09Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThis Camp is Cursed 04 2008-10-16Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorHe's a Snake, But He's My Snake 05 2008-10-23Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorIt All Depends on the Pin-Up Girl 06 2008-10-30Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Apple in the Garden of Eden 07 2008-11-06Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Brains Behind Everything 08 2008-11-13Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorNothing Tastes Better than Five Hundred Dollars 09 2008-11-20Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorI Was Put on the Planet for This Show 10 2008-11-27Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Good Things in Life Aren't Easy 11 2008-12-04Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Good Guys Should Win in the End 12 2008-12-11Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorSay Goodbye to Gabon 13 2008-12-14Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Gabon Reunion 14 2008-12-14Niedziela
Sezon 18
Survivor SurvivorLet's Get Rid of the Weak Players Before We Even Start 01 2009-02-12Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Poison Apple Needs to Go 02 2009-02-19Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorMama Said There'd Be Days Like This 03 2009-02-26Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Strongest Man Alive 04 2009-03-05Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorYou're Going to Want that Tooth 05 2009-03-12Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe First Fifteen Days 06 2009-03-25Środa
Survivor SurvivorOne of Those 'Coach Moments' 07 2009-04-02Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Dragon Slayer 08 2009-04-09Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Biggest Fraud in the Game 09 2009-04-16Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorIt's Funny When People Cry 10 2009-04-23Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThey Both Went Bananas 11 2009-04-30Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Ultimate Sacrifice 12 2009-05-07Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Martyr Approach 13 2009-05-14Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorI Trust You But I Trust Me More 14 2009-05-17Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Tocantins Reunion 15 2009-05-17Niedziela
Sezon 19
Survivor SurvivorThe Puppet Master 01 2009-09-17Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorTaking Candy from a Baby 02 2009-09-24Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorIt's Called a Russell Seed 03 2009-10-01Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorHungry for a Win 04 2009-10-08Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorWalking on Thin Ice 05 2009-10-15Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThis Is the Man Test 06 2009-10-22Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorHoudini Magic 07 2009-10-29Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorAll Hell Breaks Loose 08 2009-11-05Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorTastes Like Chicken 09 2009-11-12Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe Day of Reckoning 10 2009-11-19Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThe First 27 Days 11 2009-11-26Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorOff with Their Heads! 12 2009-12-03Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorDamage Control 13 2009-12-10Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorTwo Brains Are Better than One 14 2009-12-17Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThis Game Ain't Over 15 2009-12-20Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Samoa Reunion 16 2009-12-20Niedziela
Sezon 20
Survivor SurvivorSlay Everyone, Trust No One 01 2010-02-11Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorIt's Getting the Best of Me 02 2010-02-18Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorThat Girl is Like a Virus 03 2010-02-25Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorTonight, We Make Our Move 04 2010-03-04Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorKnights of the Round Table 05 2010-03-11Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorBanana Etiquette 06 2010-03-24Środa
Survivor SurvivorI'm Not a Good Villain 07 2010-04-01Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorExpectations 08 2010-04-08Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor History 09 2010-04-15Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorGoing Down in Flames 10 2010-04-22Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorJumping Ship 11 2010-04-29Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorA Sinking Ship 12 2010-05-06Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorLoose Lips Sink Ships 13 2010-05-13Czwartek
Survivor SurvivorAnything Could Happen 14 2010-05-16Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Heroes vs. Villains Reunion 15 2010-05-16Niedziela
Sezon 21
Survivor SurvivorYoung at Heart 01 2010-09-15Środa
Survivor SurvivorFatigue Makes Cowards of Us All 02 2010-09-22Środa
Survivor SurvivorGlitter in Their Eyes 03 2010-09-29Środa
Survivor SurvivorPulling the Trigger 04 2010-10-06Środa
Survivor SurvivorTurf Wars 05 2010-10-13Środa
Survivor SurvivorWorst Case Scenario 06 2010-10-20Środa
Survivor SurvivorWhat Goes Around, Comes Around 07 2010-10-27Środa
Survivor SurvivorCompany Will Be Arriving Soon 08 2010-11-03Środa
Survivor SurvivorRunning the Camp 09 2010-11-10Środa
Survivor SurvivorStuck in the Middle 10 2010-11-17Środa
Survivor SurvivorWe Did It Guys 11 2010-11-24Środa
Survivor SurvivorYou Started, You're Finishing 12 2010-12-01Środa
Survivor SurvivorNot Sure Where I Stand 13 2010-12-08Środa
Survivor SurvivorThis is Going to Hurt 14 2010-12-15Środa
Survivor SurvivorWhat About Me? 15 2010-12-19Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Nicaragua Reunion 16 2010-12-19Niedziela
Sezon 22
Survivor SurvivorYou're Looking at the New Leader of Our Tribe 01 2011-02-16Środa
Survivor SurvivorYou Own My Vote 02 2011-02-23Środa
Survivor SurvivorKeep Hope Alive 03 2011-03-02Środa
Survivor SurvivorDon't You Work for Me? 04 2011-03-09Środa
Survivor SurvivorWe Hate Our Tribe 05 2011-03-16Środa
Survivor SurvivorTheir Red-Headed Stepchild 06 2011-03-23Środa
Survivor SurvivorIt Don't Take a Smart One 07 2011-03-30Środa
Survivor SurvivorThis Game Respects Big Moves 08 2011-04-06Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Buddy System 09 2011-04-13Środa
Survivor SurvivorRice Wars 10 2011-04-20Środa
Survivor SurvivorA Mystery Package 11 2011-04-27Środa
Survivor SurvivorYou Mangled My Nets 12 2011-05-04Środa
Survivor SurvivorToo Close for Comfort 13 2011-05-11Środa
Survivor SurvivorSeems Like a No-Brainer 14 2011-05-15Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Redemption Island Reunion 15 2011-05-15Niedziela
Sezon 23
Survivor SurvivorI Need Redemption 01 2011-09-14Środa
Survivor SurvivorHe Has Demons 02 2011-09-21Środa
Survivor SurvivorReap What You Sow 03 2011-09-28Środa
Survivor SurvivorSurvivalism 04 2011-10-05Środa
Survivor SurvivorTaste the Victory 05 2011-10-12Środa
Survivor SurvivorFree Agent 06 2011-10-19Środa
Survivor SurvivorTrojan Horse 07 2011-10-26Środa
Survivor SurvivorDouble Agent 08 2011-11-02Środa
Survivor SurvivorCut Throat 09 2011-11-09Środa
Survivor SurvivorRunning the Show 10 2011-11-16Środa
Survivor SurvivorA Closer Look - Recap of the season so far & previously unseen footage 11 2011-11-23Środa
Survivor SurvivorCult Like 12 2011-11-30Środa
Survivor SurvivorTicking Time Bomb 13 2011-12-07Środa
Survivor SurvivorThen There Were Five 14 2011-12-14Środa
Survivor SurvivorLoyalties Will Be Broken 15 2011-12-18Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: South Pacific Reunion 16 2011-12-18Niedziela
Sezon 24
Survivor SurvivorTwo Tribes, One Camp, No Rules 01 2012-02-15Środa
Survivor SurvivorTotal Dysfunction 02 2012-02-22Środa
Survivor SurvivorOne World is Out the Window 03 2012-02-29Środa
Survivor SurvivorBum-Puzzled 04 2012-03-07Środa
Survivor SurvivorA Bunch of Idiots 05 2012-03-14Środa
Survivor SurvivorThanks for the Souvenir 06 2012-03-21Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Beauty in a Merge 07 2012-03-28Środa
Survivor SurvivorJust Annihilate Them 08 2012-04-04Środa
Survivor SurvivorGo Out with a Bang 09 2012-04-11Środa
Survivor SurvivorI'm No Dummy 10 2012-04-18Środa
Survivor SurvivorNever Say Die 11 2012-04-25Środa
Survivor SurvivorIt's Gonna be Chaos 12 2012-05-02Środa
Survivor SurvivorIt's Human Nature 13 2012-05-09Środa
Survivor SurvivorPerception is Not Always Reality 14 2012-05-13Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: One World Reunion 15 2012-05-13Niedziela
Sezon 25
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor Smacked Me in the Chops 01 2012-09-19Środa
Survivor SurvivorDon't Be Blinded By the Headlights 02 2012-09-26Środa
Survivor SurvivorThis Isn't a We Game 03 2012-10-03Środa
Survivor SurvivorCreate a Little Chaos 04 2012-10-10Środa
Survivor SurvivorGot My Swag Back 05 2012-10-17Środa
Survivor SurvivorDown and Dirty 06 2012-10-24Środa
Survivor SurvivorNot the Only Actor on this Island 07 2012-10-31Środa
Survivor SurvivorDead Man Walking 08 2012-11-07Środa
Survivor SurvivorLittle Miss Perfect 09 2012-11-14Środa
Survivor SurvivorWhiners are Wieners 10 2012-11-21Środa
Survivor SurvivorHell Hath Frozen Over 11 2012-11-28Środa
Survivor SurvivorShot Into Smithereens 12 2012-12-05Środa
Survivor SurvivorGouge My Eyes Out 13 2012-12-12Środa
Survivor SurvivorMillion Dollar Question 14 2012-12-16Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Philippines Reunion 15 2012-12-16Niedziela
Sezon 26
Survivor SurvivorShe Annoys Me Greatly 01 2013-02-13Środa
Survivor SurvivorHoney Badger 02 2013-02-20Środa
Survivor SurvivorThere's Gonna be Hell to Pay 03 2013-02-27Środa
Survivor SurvivorKill or be Killed 04 2013-03-06Środa
Survivor SurvivorPersona Non Grata 05 2013-03-13Środa
Survivor SurvivorOperation Thunder Dome 06 2013-03-20Środa
Survivor SurvivorTubby Lunchbox 07 2013-03-27Środa
Survivor SurvivorBlindside Time 08 2013-04-03Środa
Survivor SurvivorCut Off the Head of the Snake 09 2013-04-10Środa
Survivor SurvivorZipping Over the Cuckoo's Nest 10 2013-04-17Środa
Survivor SurvivorCome Over to the Dark Side 11 2013-04-24Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Beginning of the End 12 2013-05-01Środa
Survivor SurvivorDon't Say Anything About My Mom 13 2013-05-08Środa
Survivor SurvivorLast Push 14 2013-05-12Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Caramoan Reunion 15 2013-05-12Niedziela
Sezon 27
Survivor SurvivorBlood is Thicker than Anything 01 2013-09-18Środa
Survivor SurvivorRule in Chaos 02 2013-09-25Środa
Survivor SurvivorOpening Pandora's Box 03 2013-10-02Środa
Survivor SurvivorOne Armed Dude and Three Moms 04 2013-10-09Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Dead Can Still Talk 05 2013-10-16Środa
Survivor SurvivorOne-Man Wrecking Ball 06 2013-10-23Środa
Survivor SurvivorSwoop in for the Kill 07 2013-10-30Środa
Survivor SurvivorSkin of My Teeth 08 2013-11-06Środa
Survivor SurvivorMy Brother's Keeper 09 2013-11-13Środa
Survivor SurvivorBig Bad Wolf 10 2013-11-20Środa
Survivor SurvivorGloves Come Off 11 2013-11-27Środa
Survivor SurvivorRustle Feathers 12 2013-12-04Środa
Survivor SurvivorOut on a Limb 13 2013-12-11Środa
Survivor SurvivorIt's My Night 14 2013-12-15Niedziela
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Blood vs. Water Reunion 15 2013-12-15Niedziela
Sezon 28
Survivor SurvivorHot Girl with a Grudge 01 2014-02-26Środa
Survivor SurvivorCops-R-Us 02 2014-03-05Środa
Survivor SurvivorOur Time to Shine 03 2014-03-12Środa
Survivor SurvivorOdd One Out 04 2014-03-19Środa
Survivor SurvivorWe Found Our Zombies 05 2014-03-26Środa
Survivor SurvivorHead of the Snake 06 2014-04-02Środa
Survivor SurvivorMad Treasure Hunt 07 2014-04-09Środa
Survivor SurvivorBag of Tricks 08 2014-04-16Środa
Survivor SurvivorSitting in My Spy Shack 09 2014-04-23Środa
Survivor SurvivorChaos is My Friend 10 2014-04-30Środa
Survivor SurvivorHavoc to Wreak 11 2014-05-07Środa
Survivor SurvivorStraw That Broke the Camel's Back 12 2014-05-14Środa
Survivor SurvivorIt's Do or Die 13 2014-05-21Środa
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Cagayan Reunion 14 2014-05-21Środa
Sezon 29
Survivor SurvivorSuck it Up and Survive 01 2014-09-24Środa
Survivor SurvivorMethod to This Madness 02 2014-10-01Środa
Survivor SurvivorActions vs. Accusations 03 2014-10-08Środa
Survivor SurvivorWe're a Hot Mess 04 2014-10-15Środa
Survivor SurvivorBlood is Blood 05 2014-10-22Środa
Survivor SurvivorMake Some Magic Happen 06 2014-10-29Środa
Survivor SurvivorMillion Dollar Decision 07 2014-11-05Środa
Survivor SurvivorWrinkle in the Plan 08 2014-11-12Środa
Survivor SurvivorGettin' to Crunch Time 09 2014-11-19Środa
Survivor SurvivorThis is Where We Build Trust 10 2014-11-26Środa
Survivor SurvivorKind of Like Cream Cheese; Still Holdin' On 11 2014-12-03Środa
Survivor SurvivorLet's Make a Move 12 2014-12-10Środa
Survivor SurvivorThis is My Time 13 2014-12-17Środa
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: San Juan del Sur Reunion 14 2014-12-17Środa
Sezon 30
Survivor SurvivorIt's Survivor Warfare 01 2015-02-25Środa
Survivor SurvivorIt Will Be My Revenge 02 2015-03-04Środa
Survivor SurvivorCrazy is as Crazy Does 03 2015-03-11Środa
Survivor SurvivorWinner Winner, Chicken Dinner 04 2015-03-18Środa
Survivor SurvivorWe're Finally Playing Some Survivor 05 2015-03-18Środa
Survivor SurvivorOdd Woman Out 06 2015-03-25Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Line Will Be Drawn Tonight 07 2015-04-01Środa
Survivor SurvivorKeep It Real 08 2015-04-08Środa
Survivor SurvivorLivin' on the Edge 09 2015-04-15Środa
Survivor SurvivorBring the Popcorn 10 2015-04-22Środa
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor Russian Roulette 11 2015-04-29Środa
Survivor SurvivorHolding on for Dear Life 12 2015-05-06Środa
Survivor SurvivorMy Word is My Bond 13 2015-05-13Środa
Survivor SurvivorIt's a Fickle, Fickle Game 14 2015-05-20Środa
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Worlds Apart Reunion 15 2015-05-20Środa
Sezon 31
Survivor SurvivorSecond Chance 01 2015-09-23Środa
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor MacGyver 02 2015-09-30Środa
Survivor SurvivorWe Got a Rat 03 2015-10-07Środa
Survivor SurvivorWhat's the Beef? 04 2015-10-14Środa
Survivor SurvivorA Snake in the Grass 05 2015-10-21Środa
Survivor SurvivorBunking with the Devil 06 2015-10-28Środa
Survivor SurvivorPlay to Win 07 2015-11-04Środa
Survivor SurvivorYou Call, We'll Haul 08 2015-11-11Środa
Survivor SurvivorWitches Coven 09 2015-11-18Środa
Survivor SurvivorLike Selling Your Soul to the Devil 10 2015-11-25Środa
Survivor SurvivorMy Wheels Are Spinning 11 2015-11-25Środa
Survivor SurvivorTiny Little Shanks to the Heart 12 2015-12-02Środa
Survivor SurvivorVillains Have More Fun 13 2015-12-09Środa
Survivor SurvivorLie, Cheat and Steal 14 2015-12-16Środa
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Second Chance Reunion 15 2015-12-16Środa
Sezon 32
Survivor SurvivorI'm a Mental Giant 01 2016-02-17Środa
Survivor SurvivorKindergarten Camp 02 2016-02-24Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Circle of Life 03 2016-03-02Środa
Survivor SurvivorSigned, Sealed and Delivered 04 2016-03-09Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Devils We Know 05 2016-03-16Środa
Survivor SurvivorPlay or Go Home 06 2016-03-23Środa
Survivor SurvivorIt's Merge Time 07 2016-03-30Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Jocks vs the Pretty People 08 2016-04-06Środa
Survivor SurvivorIt's Psychological Warfare 09 2016-04-13Środa
Survivor SurvivorI'm Not Here to Make Good Friends 10 2016-04-20Środa
Survivor SurvivorIt's a Me' Game, Not a We' Game 11 2016-04-27Środa
Survivor SurvivorNow's the Time to Start Scheming 12 2016-05-04Środa
Survivor SurvivorWith Me or Not With Me 13 2016-05-11Środa
Survivor SurvivorNot Going Down Without a Fight 14 2016-05-18Środa
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Kaôh Rng Reunion 15 2016-05-18Środa
Sezon 33
Survivor SurvivorMay the Best Generation Win 01 2016-09-21Środa
Survivor SurvivorLove Goggles 02 2016-09-28Środa
Survivor SurvivorYour Job is Recon 03 2016-10-05Środa
Survivor SurvivorWho's the Sucker at the Table? 04 2016-10-12Środa
Survivor SurvivorIdol Search Party 05 2016-10-19Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Truth Works Well 06 2016-10-26Środa
Survivor SurvivorI Will Destroy You 07 2016-11-02Środa
Survivor SurvivorI'm the Kingpin 08 2016-11-09Środa
Survivor SurvivorStill Throwin' Punches 09 2016-11-16Środa
Survivor SurvivorMillion Dollar Gamble 10 2016-11-23Środa
Survivor SurvivorAbout to Have a Rumble 11 2016-11-30Środa
Survivor SurvivorSlayed the Survivor Dragon 12 2016-12-07Środa
Survivor SurvivorI'm Going for a Million Bucks 13 2016-12-14Środa
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Millennials vs. Gen X Reunion 14 2016-12-14Środa
Sezon 34
Survivor SurvivorThe Stakes Have Been Raised 01 2017-03-08Środa
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor Jackpot 02 2017-03-15Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Tables Have Turned 03 2017-03-22Środa
Survivor SurvivorDirty Deed 04 2017-03-29Środa
Survivor SurvivorVote Early, Vote Often 05 2017-04-05Środa
Survivor SurvivorWhat Happened on Exile, Stays on Exile 06 2017-04-12Środa
Survivor SurvivorThere's a New Sheriff In Town 07 2017-04-19Środa
Survivor SurvivorA Line Drawn in Concrete 08 2017-04-26Środa
Survivor SurvivorReinventing How This Game Is Played 09 2017-05-03Środa
Survivor SurvivorIt Is Not a High Without a Low 10 2017-05-10Środa
Survivor SurvivorParting Is Such Sweet Sorrow 11 2017-05-17Środa
Survivor SurvivorNo Good Deed Goes Unpunished 12 2017-05-24Środa
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Game Changers Reunion 13 2017-05-24Środa
Sezon 35
Survivor SurvivorI'm Not Crazy, I'm Confident 01 2017-09-27Środa
Survivor SurvivorI'm a Wild Banshee 02 2017-10-04Środa
Survivor SurvivorMy Kisses Are Very Private 03 2017-10-11Środa
Survivor SurvivorI Don't Like Having Snakes Around 04 2017-10-18Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Past Will Eat You Alive 05 2017-10-25Środa
Survivor SurvivorThis Is Why You Play Survivor 06 2017-11-01Środa
Survivor SurvivorGet to Gettin' 07 2017-11-08Środa
Survivor SurvivorPlaying with the Devil 08 2017-11-15Środa
Survivor SurvivorFear of the Unknown 09 2017-11-22Środa
Survivor SurvivorBuy One, Get One Free (1) 10 2017-11-29Środa
Survivor SurvivorBuy One, Get One Free (2) 11 2017-11-29Środa
Survivor SurvivorNot Going to Roll Over and Die 12 2017-12-06Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Survivor Devil 13 2017-12-13Środa
Survivor SurvivorMillion Dollar Night 14 2017-12-20Środa
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers Reunion 15 2017-12-20Środa
Sezon 36
Survivor SurvivorCan You Reverse the Curse? 01 2018-02-28Środa
Survivor SurvivorCan You Reverse the Curse? (2) 02 2018-02-28Środa
Survivor SurvivorOnly Time Will Tell 03 2018-03-07Środa
Survivor SurvivorTrust Your Gut 04 2018-03-14Środa
Survivor SurvivorA Diamond in the Rough 05 2018-03-21Środa
Survivor SurvivorFate is the Homie 06 2018-03-28Środa
Survivor SurvivorGotta Risk It for the Biscuit 07 2018-04-04Środa
Survivor SurvivorFear Keeps You Sharp 08 2018-04-11Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Sea Slug Slugger 09 2018-04-18Środa
Survivor SurvivorIt's Like the Perfect Crime 10 2018-04-25Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Finish Line is in Sight 11 2018-05-02Środa
Survivor SurvivorA Giant Game of Bumper Cars 12 2018-05-09Środa
Survivor SurvivorAlways Be Moving 13 2018-05-16Środa
Survivor SurvivorIt is Game Time Kids 14 2018-05-23Środa
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Ghost Island Reunion 15 2018-05-23Środa
Sezon 37
Survivor SurvivorAppearances are Deceiving 01 2018-09-26Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Chicken Has Flown the Coop 02 2018-10-03Środa
Survivor SurvivorI Am Goliath Strong 03 2018-10-10Środa
Survivor SurvivorTime to Bring About the Charmpocalypse 04 2018-10-17Środa
Survivor SurvivorJackets and Eggs 05 2018-10-24Środa
Survivor SurvivorAren't Brochachos Just Adorable? 06 2018-10-31Środa
Survivor SurvivorThere's Gonna Be Tears Shed 07 2018-11-07Środa
Survivor SurvivorYou Get What You Give 08 2018-11-14Środa
Survivor SurvivorBreadth-First Search 09 2018-11-21Środa
Survivor SurvivorTribal Lines are Blurred 10 2018-11-28Środa
Survivor SurvivorSo Smart They're Dumb 11 2018-12-05Środa
Survivor SurvivorAre You Feeling Lucky? 12 2018-12-12Środa
Survivor SurvivorWith Great Power Comes Great Responsibility 13 2018-12-19Środa
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: David vs Goliath Reunion 14 2018-12-19Środa
Sezon 38
Survivor SurvivorIt Smells Like Success 01 2019-02-20Środa
Survivor SurvivorOne of Us Is Going to Win the War 02 2019-02-27Środa
Survivor SurvivorBetrayals are Going to Get Exposed 03 2019-03-06Środa
Survivor SurvivorI Need a Dance Partner 04 2019-03-13Środa
Survivor SurvivorIt's Like the Worst Cocktail Party Ever 05 2019-03-20Środa
Survivor SurvivorThere's Always a Twist 06 2019-03-27Środa
Survivor SurvivorI'm the Puppet Master 07 2019-04-03Środa
Survivor SurvivorY'all Making Me Crazy 08 2019-04-10Środa
Survivor SurvivorBlood of a Blindside 09 2019-04-17Środa
Survivor SurvivorFasten Your Seatbelts 10 2019-04-24Środa
Survivor SurvivorAwkward 11 2019-05-01Środa
Survivor SurvivorIdol or Bust 12 2019-05-08Środa
Survivor SurvivorI See the Million Dollars 13 2019-05-15Środa
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Edge of Extinction Reunion 14 2019-05-15Środa
Sezon 39
Survivor SurvivorI Vote You Out and That's It 01 2019-09-25Środa
Survivor SurvivorYOLO, Let's Play! 02 2019-10-02Środa
Survivor SurvivorHonesty Would Be Chill 03 2019-10-09Środa
Survivor SurvivorPlan Z 04 2019-10-16Środa
Survivor SurvivorDon't Bite the Hand that Feeds You 05 2019-10-23Środa
Survivor SurvivorSuck It Up Buttercup 06 2019-10-30Środa
Survivor SurvivorI Was Born at Night, But Not Last Night 07 2019-11-06Środa
Survivor SurvivorWe Made It to the Merge! 08 2019-11-13Środa
Survivor SurvivorTwo for the Price of One 09 2019-11-20Środa
Survivor SurvivorBring on the Bacon 10 2019-11-27Środa
Survivor SurvivorA Very Simple Plan 11 2019-12-04Środa
Survivor SurvivorJust Go for It 12 2019-12-11Środa
Survivor SurvivorMama, Look at Me Now 13 2019-12-18Środa
Survivor SurvivorSurvivor: Island of the Idols Reunion 14 2019-12-18Środa
Sezon 40
Survivor SurvivorGreatest of the Greats 01 2020-02-12Środa
Survivor SurvivorIt's Like a Survivor Economy 02 2020-02-19Środa
Survivor SurvivorOut for Blood 03 2020-02-26Środa
Survivor SurvivorI Like Revenge 04 2020-03-04Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Buddy System on Steroids 05 2020-03-11Środa
Survivor SurvivorQuick on the Draw 06 2020-03-18Środa
Survivor SurvivorWe're in the Majors 07 2020-03-25Środa
Survivor SurvivorThis is Where the Battle Begins 08 2020-04-01Środa
Survivor SurvivorWar is Not Pretty 09 2020-04-08Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Full Circle 10 2020-04-15Środa
Survivor SurvivorThis Is Extortion 11 2020-04-22Środa
Survivor SurvivorFriendly Fire 12 2020-04-29Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Penultimate Step of the War 13 2020-05-06Środa
Survivor SurvivorIt All Boils Down to This 14 2020-05-13Środa
Sezon 41
Survivor SurvivorA New Era 01 2021-09-22Środa
Survivor SurvivorJuggling Chainsaws 02 2021-09-29Środa
Survivor SurvivorMy Million Dollar Mistake 03 2021-10-06Środa
Survivor SurvivorThey Hate Me 'Cause They Ain't Me 04 2021-10-13Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Strategist or the Loyalist 05 2021-10-20Środa
Survivor SurvivorReady to Play Like a Lion 06 2021-10-27Środa
Survivor SurvivorThere's Gonna Be Blood 07 2021-11-03Środa
Survivor SurvivorBetraydar 08 2021-11-10Środa
Survivor SurvivorWho's Who in the Zoo 09 2021-11-17Środa
Survivor SurvivorBaby With a Machine Gun 10 2021-11-24Środa
Survivor SurvivorDo or Die 11 2021-12-01Środa
Survivor SurvivorTruth Kamikaze 12 2021-12-08Środa
Survivor SurvivorOne Thing Left to Do... Win 13 2021-12-15Środa
Sezon 42
Survivor SurvivorFeels Like a Rollercoaster 01 2022-03-09Środa
Survivor SurvivorGood and Guilty 02 2022-03-16Środa
Survivor SurvivorGo for the Gusto 03 2022-03-23Środa
Survivor SurvivorVibe of the Tribe 04 2022-03-30Środa
Survivor SurvivorI'm Survivor Rich 05 2022-04-06Środa
Survivor SurvivorYou Can't Hide on Survivor 06 2022-04-13Środa
Survivor SurvivorThe Devil You Do or the Devil You Don't 07 2022-04-13Środa
Survivor SurvivorYou Better Be Wearing a Seatbelt 08 2022-04-20Środa
Survivor SurvivorGame of Chicken 09 2022-04-27Środa
Survivor SurvivorTell a Good Lie, Not a Stupid One 10 2022-05-04Środa
Survivor SurvivorBattle Royale 11 2022-05-11Środa
Survivor SurvivorCaterpillar to a Butterfly 12 2022-05-18Środa
Survivor SurvivorIt Comes Down to This 13 2022-05-25Środa
Sezon 43
Survivor SurvivorLIVIN 01 2022-09-21Środa
Survivor SurvivorLovable Curmudgeon 02 2022-09-28Środa
Survivor SurvivorI'll Sign the Divorce Papers 03 2022-10-05Środa
Survivor SurvivorShow No Mercy 04 2022-10-12Środa
Survivor SurvivorTBA 05 2022-10-26Środa