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» Legacies

  • Reżyser:
    Julie Plec
  • Notowania IMDB :
  • Obsada:
    Danielle Rose Russell, Aria Shahghasemi, Kaylee Bryant, Jenny Boyd
  Nazwa serialu Odcinek Premiera Szukaj
Sezon 01
Legacies LegaciesThis is the Part Where You Run 01 2018-10-25Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesSome People Just Want to Watch the World Burn 02 2018-11-01Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesWe're Being Punked, Pedro 03 2018-11-08Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesHope is Not the Goal 04 2018-11-15Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesMalivore 05 2018-11-29Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesMombie Dearest 06 2018-12-06Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesDeath Keeps Knocking on My Door 07 2018-12-13Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesMaybe I Should Start from the End 08 2019-01-24Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesWhat Was Hope Doing in Your Dreams? 09 2019-01-31Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesThere's a World Where Your Dreams Came True 10 2019-02-07Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesWe're Gonna Need a Spotlight 11 2019-02-21Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesThere's a Mummy on Main Street 12 2019-02-28Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesThe Boy Who Still Has a Lot of Good to Do 13 2019-03-07Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesLet's Just Finish the Dance 14 2019-03-14Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesI'll Tell You a Story 15 2019-03-21Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesThere's Always a Loophole 16 2019-03-28Czwartek
Sezon 02
Legacies LegaciesI'll Never Give Up Hope 01 2019-10-10Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesThis Year Will Be Different 02 2019-10-17Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesYou Remind Me of Someone I Used to Know 03 2019-10-24Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesSince When Do You Speak Japanese? 04 2019-11-07Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesScrew Endgame 05 2019-11-14Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesThat's Nothing I Had to Remember 06 2019-11-21Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesIt Will All Be Painfully Clear Soon Enough 07 2019-12-05Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesThis Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent 08 2019-12-12Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesI Couldn't Have Done This Without You 09 2020-01-16Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesThis is Why We Don't Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies 10 2020-01-23Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesWhat Cupid Problem? 11 2020-01-30Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesKai Parker Screwed Us 12 2020-02-06Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesYou Can't Save Them All 13 2020-02-13Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesThere's a Place Where the Lost Things Go 14 2020-03-12Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesLife Was So Much Easier When I Only Cared About Myself 15 2020-03-19Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesFacing Darkness is Kinda My Thing 16 2020-03-26Czwartek
Sezon 03
Legacies LegaciesWe're Not Worthy 01 2021-01-21Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesGoodbyes Sure Do Suck 02 2021-01-28Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesSalvatore: The Musical! 03 2021-02-04Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesHold on Tight 04 2021-02-11Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesThis is What It Takes 05 2021-02-18Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesTo Whom It May Concern 06 2021-03-11Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesYup, It's a Leprechaun, All Right 07 2021-03-18Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesLong Time, No See 08 2021-03-25Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesDo All Malivore Monsters Provide This Level of Emotional Insight? 09 2021-04-08Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesAll's Well That Ends Well 10 2021-04-15Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesYou Can't Run from Who You Are 11 2021-05-06Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesI Was Made to Love You 12 2021-05-13Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesOne Day You Will Understand 13 2021-05-20Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesThis Feels a Little Cult-y 14 2021-06-10Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesA New Hope 15 2021-06-17Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesFate's a Bitch, Isn't It? 16 2021-06-24Czwartek
Sezon 04
Legacies LegaciesYou Have to Pick One This Time 01 2021-10-14Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesThere's No I in Team, or Whatever 02 2021-10-21Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesWe All Knew This Day Was Coming 03 2021-10-28Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesSee You on the Other Side 04 2021-11-04Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesI Thought You'd Be Happier to See Me 05 2021-11-11Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesYou're a Long Way from Home 06 2021-11-18Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesSomeplace Far Away from All This Violence 07 2021-12-02Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesYou Will Remember Me 08 2021-12-09Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesI Can't Be the One to Stop You 09 2021-12-16Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesThe Story of My Life 10 2022-02-24Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesFollow the Sound of My Voice 11 2022-03-03Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesNot All Those Who Wander Are Lost 12 2022-03-10Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesWas This the Monster You Saw? 13 2022-03-31Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesThe Only Way Out is Through 14 2022-04-07Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesEverything That Can Be Lost May Also Be Found 15 2022-04-14Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesI Wouldn't Be Standing Here if It Weren't for You 16 2022-04-28Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesInto the Woods 17 2022-05-05Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesBy the End of This, You'll Know Who You Were Meant to Be 18 2022-06-02Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesThis Can Only End in Blood 19 2022-06-09Czwartek
Legacies LegaciesJust Don't Be a Stranger, Okay? 20 2022-06-16Czwartek